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Slow Future for Tuscany Economy Reporting in English


Tuscany’s small strides towards economic development this year may not be enough to help the local economy recover. The economic reality was discussed this morning at the annual IRPET Conference, the Institute for Economic Planning of Tuscany, at the Auditorium al Duomo. The researchers’ hopeful outlook for Tuscany’s weakened economy was fueled by the idea

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Legambiente’s Steps to Smog Prevention Reporting in English


The Legambiente organization presented their 10-step plan on reducing the effects of smog in Tuscany with their campaign, “Mal’Aria di Citta 2017″. The campaign was revealed at the Giubbe Rosse Caffe in Piazza della Repubblica, which provided a detailed summary of Tuscany’s energy consumption and its negative effects on the environment. The 10 step plan

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Annual Historic Return of Calcio Storico Reporting in English


Calcio Storico returns on February 17th with the “Partita dell’Assedio”. The beloved game will be open to any and all Florentines and curious passerbys beginning at 4 p.m. in Piazza Santa Croce. The game will be held on this day to commemorate a staple event in Florence’s history, where Florentines challenged imperial troops who once tried

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Own Resources and the Future of Europe with Mario Monti Reporting in English


Florence – On 23 February Professor Mario Monti, Chair of the high level group on own resources, will be at the European University Institute in Florence to present the findings of the high level group on the ‘Financing of the European Union’. The report calls for a reform of the current financing mechanisms guided by

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Piazzale Michelangelo Restoration Reporting in English


The restoration of the balaustrade that lines the corner of the Piazzale Michelangelo was revealed today by Mayor Dario Nardella. The restored balaustrade was also paired with the reveal of an enormous flower arrangement in the heart of the Piazzale, spelling out “Amo Firenze”. Over 1-million euros were donated last year to restoring the original

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Rosy Bindi on Tuscany Mafia Infiltration Reporting in English

President Rosy Bindi of the Antimafia Commission is concerned by the growing risks of mafia infiltration in Tuscany. The Commission representatives spoke at the Palazzo Medici Riccardi yesterday evening, assessing the present situation of their ability to work around the higher-power obstacles in order to fight back on freemasons, and those who may be direct links

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Restoration of Renowned Palazzo Vecchio Room Reporting in English

IMG_1943 (1)

A restoration of the Sala degli Elementi in Palazzo Vecchio was announced today by Mayor Dario Nardella. The restoration is made possible by the generous funding from the Giulio and Giovanna Sacchetti Foundation, and will begin immediately. The €475,000 restoration is projected to span about 500 days, and will begin with recovering frescoes on the walls and ceiling. This

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Florence Ice Gala Warming Up Locals to New Sport Reporting in English


Florence Ice Gala 2017 is coming to the city April 29th, and will determine whether local Floretines fall in love with ice skating or ice it out.  The ice gala, “Plushenko and Friends”, stars World and Olympic figure skating champion Evgeny Plushenko, known as the “international icon of this discipline”. The ice spectacle will be

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Presenting Florence’s Latest Art Form: Perfume Reporting in English


When tourists think of Florence, their thoughts immediately direct towards the vast amount of history, architecture and culture the city has to offer. Like every historic city, Florence has a few hidden gems that could draw in great public attention if given a little more touristic boost. What few tourists know is Florence’s expertise in

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Regione Toscana and General Electric Joining Forces Reporting in English

IMG_1887 (1)

Regione Toscana and General Electric Oil & Gas signed a protocol today ensuring technological advancements and partnership between the organizations. The unifying partners were Enrico Rossi, President of the Region of Tuscany, and the President of General Electric Oil & Gas for Nuovo Pignone, Massimo Messeri. The Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, also signed upon

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