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Amerigo & America program – Open Day Reporting in English

Both staff and students helped to create an inviting atmosphere as well as made you want to attend that college. Like Vespucci, you could explore and discover new things about the universities and about Florence.  All the American universities in Florence are posted in buildings that already exist, and that have already existing histories. Each university has worked hard to maintain and protect the history, whether it is a painting on a ceiling, an original floor, crests on a wall, or simply blending in with the locals. Most of the schools you would not even think were school, just another building or villa in Florence. Each school also work hard to teach their students about the Italian culture that they now live in, whether the students are in Florence for a semester, a year, or just a summer program. CSU, for example, offers many extra curricular activities such as volunteering with Caritas and cooking classes with Italians. Many of the schools organize trips to different parts of Italy as well for their students. What ever the students may want to do while they are at school in Florence their campus and university are more than happy to help.

On the tours you got to see class rooms, offices, studio spaces, and much more. Students were through out the buildings, in classes, in common rooms, and working in computer labs. Every student that we stopped to talk to said that they have been enjoying their time in Florence and at their schools campus here. Each school offers different concentrations of study for their students, for example fashion design, architecture, history and art history, literature, or studio arts, but the one thing in common among all the schools was that every student has to take some form of Italian language for a part, if not all, of their stay.

 Although each university is very different, many work very closely with the Italian universities in Florence. Some provide language exchange programs while others offer courses that take place in the Florence universities them selves. It was nice, having gone to an American university myself, seeing that the American universities in Florence encourage their students to become a part of the Italian culture. Many of the teachers are Italian professors who live in Florence themselves. With beautiful facilities and a wide range of programs and classes offered the American students get the benefit of a great education in a great and historical city. Open Day was a wonderful way to showcase all that these universities do for their students and to give the public a feel for an American university in Florence.

Participating schools:
New York University Florence
Georgetown University
Harding University
Syracuse University in Florence
California State University International Program in Florence
Fairfield University Florence Campus
Bowling Green State University / SACI
Richmond, the American International University in London – Florence Program
Kent State University
University of New Haven / CEA

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