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Ciro Paone Receives Pitti Immagine Career Award Reporting in English

Men’s fashion, especially in Europe, has experienced significant changes and developments over the years, with special thanks to some particularly creative individuals who drove the industry forward with their unique mindsets and passion for their craft. Some have devoted majority of their lives to reshaping the existing moulds of the industry, and have emerged successful and prosperous. And some have even had their work considered to be defining cultural and historic elements that make Italian fashion so unique and sought after around the world. Ciro Paone is one of these people: an icon who has devoted nearly 50 years to the highly-respected brand, Kiton. This morning, Paone was recognized for his excellence in the industry by receiving Pitti Immagine’s Career Award at the Palazzo Vecchio.

Paone has set the bar for Italian fashion during his fulfilling career with Kiton, with his work being considered a cultural and historical phenomenon, and not just a brand of clothing. As Mayor Dario Nardella stated, his work is a story of culture that goes far beyond a moment of celebration. For him, and for countless fashion-oriented individuals in Italy and throughout Europe, Paone’s work provides an insight on what Italian fashion can offer. Paone tests the limits of fashion, and maintains class and sophistication in every collection. As the epitome of drive and innovation in the men’s fashion world, one of the country’s greatest strides in fashion is constantly recognized as a result of Paone’s efforts.

As one of the most important companies in the men’s fashion industry to date, Kiton began in Naples in the 18th century when British and German men arrived in the city as part of the “Grand Tour”, bringing along their eye for quality and luxurious fashion with them on their voyage. Paone’s passion for tailoring flourished into the artistry clearly visible in each of his designs, as each piece reflects the Neapolitan focus on quality with every stitch. The designs are made to fit every type of personality and fashion interest, with no two pieces being quite the same. With a myriad of textures, fabrics, colours and fits, it’s no surprise that Paone’s work has embodied itself as the staple of Italian menswear for decades.

Paone’s work stands out for its ability to attract the widest possible audience. While the brand has always had a specific target audience, it was made clear that Italian fashion does need stability in the market, and needs to continue creating for the younger demographic that the designs are increasingly attracting. As a nation attracted to the individuality and modernity of European fashion, Italy’s market is extremely competitive, and is working to continuously draw in a larger and younger clientele.

Michele Scannavini, an economics expert both in Europe and North America, sees Kiton’s unique style as an opportunity to flourish through expansion into other European fashion sectors, as well as with a greater online presence. He recognizes that there are projects in the works, there are the necessary resources, and there is a desire to create. In bringing these factors together, Kiton could expand tremendously in the worldwide realm of fashion.

Andrea Cavicchi, an ambassador of Italian fashion, also suggests that Kiton and Paone’s work is not simply recognized for the profit it has brought in for the industry. Cavicchi believes that the evolution of the brand has determined epicentres for fashion, including the city of Florence. With the help of Pitti Uomo, this recognition has been augmented, and demonstrates the endless capabilities in Italian fashion through patrimony, history, and a maintenance of tradition that is not commonly found in clothing brands.

Paone’s work has set the foundation for creativity, individualism and sophistication in Italian menswear. After nearly 50 years of dedication to his craft, Kiton’s potential is set to cultivate, and will continue to make incredible strides in fashion around the world. 

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