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Destination Florence: The Local Expedia Reporting in English

Destination Florence is the new way to book your unique trip to Tuscany. The travel company is ready to compete with big-time names in the industry with a commercialization and promotional facelift.

According to Mayor Dario Nardella, strengthening a local tourism agency is a simple and effective strategy in encouraging tourism within the city overall. It’s become clear that while Florence’s tourism industry has had notably steady footing, they need a hand in controlling the commercialization of their industry. Nardella feels that Florence, as a city, needs to “regain control of tourism.” It comes as no surprise that wanderlusters often turn to agencies like Expedia to organize their travels. With that in mind, Nardella believes in the importance of strengthening what organizations like Destination Florence can offer, as competing with leading agencies is an extremely difficult feat.

Destination Florence represents a unique experience, being created for the most local experiences in Florence, and beyond what you could find on your average travel agency site. A one of a kind agency, and the first of its kind in Italy, if advertised accordingly it will mean striking gold in the local tourism industry. The online travel platform will allow for cross booking with services in Florence, ranging from tickets for museums, theatres, sporting events, taxis, and city tours. Booking hotels will also be a feature of the platform through WebBookingPass.

Destination Florence intends to go above and beyond when it comes to giving potential clients a unique Florentine travel experience. Some of the immediate objectives to address in order to become a top-player in the tourism industry include increasing tourists’ spending capacities, increasing their lengths of stay, diversifying activities in the city for prospective clients, monitor the behaviours and interests of clientele and reinforce the world’s perception of Florence as a travel destination.

Firenze Convention & Visitors Bureau has over 20 years of experience in the local travel and tourism industry. As a company that has worked to attract clientele of enormous events, weddings, congress meetings and individual tourists, the company offers nothing but the highest level of quality services. As of September 2015, the Comune of Florence teamed up with the Firenze Convention & Visitors Bureau to promote Destination Florence, with particular focus on up-scale international events, destination weddings and (congressuale) tourism.

The partnership has opened doors to many other opportunities for the company, with the latest enhancement being activities dedicated to leisure travels, which is said to bring in huge revenue to the city’s economy. Since the presentation of the idea in July of this past year, the goal of Destination Florence is to truly know its clients. In implementing new leisure activities, a better understanding of the tourism sector will only further enhance the quality of activities offered by Destination Florence, and generate greater interest in regards to fascinated clientele both locally and on a worldwide scale.

To reach out to an international clientele, Destination Florence is partnering with several tour companies and flight networks in order to continuously encourage a popularization outside of Europe, with a special focus on China, Japan and Korea. The company also has many exhibitions and special events scheduled throughout the next few months, as well as a documentary with Rai Television highlighting the gems of the city.

As a country that focuses intently on maintaining tradition and culture, the same can be said for the ways in which the city budget is being divided amongst various economic sectors. According to Nardella, a large chunk of the city’s funding goes towards the maintenance of transportation and culture. While these factors serve the masses, and are incredibly important to maintain, it is clear that the idea of escapism does not matter enough. Destination Florence offers this city a chance to rediscover what escapism could mean not only for tourists, but for locals as well.

Curious to find out how to get the most out of your trip to Florence? Visit www.destinationflorence.com.

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