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Filippo Lippi Restoration Back in Florence Reporting in English

Filippo Lippi’s renowned painting, “Annunciation” is now restored, and will be housed in the Martelli Chapel in San Lorenzo.

June 9th marks the day of Lippi’s masterpiece being restored and returned to its centuries-old placement in the Martelli Chapel. A press conference was held at the Museo di Casa Martelli regarding the restoration, and how much progress has come about from the long and complex process. The masterpiece was restored thanks to the Friends of Florence foundation, who took on the responsibility of restoring the prized possession under their wing. It began with removing the work from the basilica back on November 12, 2014, where it had been housed for centuries.

The restoration itself involved an extensive process of glistening, highlighting the original painting, and careful work with touch ups as described in a video presentation at the conference. Alongside the Medici family, the Martelli family were a significant factor in the building of this historic chapel, making the placement of this artwork extremely fitting.

To the people of Florence, the restoration of this beloved work means much more than superficial art. The painting is a unifying work that brings together locals and tourists in an appreciation of traditional art styles, as well as the notion of protecting renowned artwork, and being able to continue to pass it on to future generations.

With one of Florence’s finest Renaissance creations in mint condition and in its originating country, the legacy of Renaissance art can truly live on in its glory.

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