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Colin Dixon: Between the Two Worlds

Maryport (UK) – Colin Dixon: Between Two Worlds: Living in Tashi Llunpo, tra il 16 e il 18 novembre 2018,  ha fatto parte del Literary Festival a Maryport, in Cumbria (UK), presso il  Senhouse Roman Museum. Una straordinaria raccolta fotografica a colori di Colin mentre viveva in India, con i monaci in questo monastero tibetano. Leggi: Between Two Worlds: Living in Tashi Llunpo

I visited the monastery in 2005 to photograph the preparations for the sacred Cham dancing and the festival for the Tibetan New Year in late January. These dance forms go back to the ninth century when Buddhism was introduced to Tibet from India. The dances are now preserved in exile in Bhutan, Nepal and India. The New Year Festival and the Cham dancing is a way of sharing a profound inner experience and at the Bylakuppe Monastery the dances are performed as the monks’ spiritual gift to the lay community. Colin Dixon

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