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The works of Giuseppe Stampone in Lucca Reporting in English

Since then, every action causes a counter-reaction at what  is indeed a global level. In particular,  the distinctive feature of this exhibition is an underlying thread which  reveals the shift from the spoken to the written word through to an  interactive experience. From Gutenberg’s invention onwards, the concept of  education was based on the fact that every word corresponded to a letter and  that in turn, it referred to an image, and the shift from the spoken to the  written word took place by means of an alphabet primer.
Stampone’s reflections start out from the consideration that this form of  education intrinsically requires a coercive type of policy, and thus an  education that is imposed from above, West-centric and divorced from the  world of experience. Global Education, on the contrary, is based on the  experience of each human being. Significantly, the artist draws on  immediately recognisable popular images, to which he contributes new meaning.  Reassuring symbols and omnipresent icons of the most popular imagination,  which satisfy the expectations of the standard consumer, are revisited from a  critical and ironic point of view, thus destabilising the viewer’s  perspective.
From the manual  skills of the Renaissance to a neo-dimensional, interactive mentality,  Stampone’s aim is to highlight this shift in the mentality of man and in the  shift of power from being at the centre of the community to the centre of a  connectivity that is digital but also experiential and emotional.
Specifically,  the exhibition includes 24 oil paintings which portray the most infamous  dictators in the history of mankind and 24 red and blue ballpoint-pen  drawings that draw on the symbols and forms of communication that in various  ways concern them. These drawings, which reveal the imagery of period  magazines, thus form a sort of historical archive.
The exhibition also includes a panel on which thousands of postcards are made  available to the public, with images of the various alphabet primers the  artist has created over the years, such as “Yes, we can”, “Bye Bye Ai  Weiwei”, “Hasta la victoria siempre”, “Greetings from New Orleans”. Lastly,  there will be an interactive map of the world with digital tags, which is the  outcome of a series of different emotional experiences. Importantly, the  exhibition will also provide an opportunity for teaching workshops on Global  Education, involving a number of schools in Lucca, during which the kids will  make letters to map out an atlas of emotions.

  Giuseppe Stampone (Cluses, France, 1973) lives and works in Teramo and New  York. His works have been shown in prestigious museums such as MACRO (Museo  d’Arte Contemporanea Roma) and GAMeC (Galleria d’Arte Moderna e  Contemporanea) in Bergamo. He won the 2011 Maretti Prize and his work was  shown at the Havana Biennial in Cuba. For some years now he has been working  on the “Solsitizio” project, funded by the European Union, in collaboration  with institutions, associations, NGOs, artists, curators, critics, and other  professionals.

Exhibition in the bewitching setting of the Ex Chiesa San Matteo in  Lucca –  opening saturday may 19th 2012 | 6.30 p.m. | curated by Giacinto di  Pietrantonio | ex chiesa San Matteo | Lucca

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