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Gluten Free Meals to Come to Cafeterias Reporting in English

City officials signed a contract today launching an initiative to bring gluten-free meals to regional school cafeterias.

Regione Toscana, ANCI Toscana and AIC (Italian Celiac Association) will work together in order to promote the integration of gluten free meals for students, where ANCI and AIC will be in charge of controlling the gluten-free meals being brought into regional schools, as well as awareness-building activities . Representing These organizations were Stefania Saccardi, Francesco Casini, and Vanda Carusi.

It has come to the city’s attention That putting a stop to the high numbers of individuals suffering with celiac disease needs to be taken care of. And what better place to start than with an investment in the children? Participating regional schools will receive a grand total of 930,000€ to make the meal transitions smoother, Which will go towards new cooking equipment, and highly specific, specially catered gluten-free products on school cafeteria menus.

Lunch time for many young students can be socially isolating a challenge, especially if they’re unable to eat the same meals as their peers due to lack of options catered to their needs. With this initiative, students with a gluten intolerance will be incendio feel equally included in Their school’s meal choices.

As of December 31, 2015, there were a reported 14,356 Tuscan citizens living with celiac disease, mostly between the ages of 19-40. But the number of gluten-free caterers is comparably small– only 2,817 current overall options for meals to serve all of These people.

Many suffering with the disease were limited to finding gluten-free products at pharmacies, but the initiative intends to bring more food options to local supermarkets as well. Regional restaurant owners and staff will also be given lessons in gluten-free cooking, increasing options further, and many awareness activities will be initiated in schools, to help all children understand the effects of celiac disease, as well as living a gluten-free lifestyle.

Of all Tuscan cities, Florence has the highest number of individuals living with celiac disease. The signing of today’s protocol not only signifies a dedication to the strengthening of the bond between these community organizations, but will help locals right inside the city feel more at home Already than they do.

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