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Jan Fabre ’s “Spiritual Guards” Comes to Forte di Belvedere Reporting in English

Firenze – Today, Jan Fabre’s exhibition, “Spiritual Guards”, was presented at Forte di Belvedere.  Opening on May 14th, and running until October 2nd, Fabre’s exhibition is also featured in significant landmarks of Florence, also including Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signorina. Countless works from Fabre’s career, dating back from 1978 until 2016, will be on display. The exhibit includes bronze and wax sculptures, films, and more.

Fabre has redefined contemporary art possibilities with his intricate exhibition. Born in Antwerp in 1958, Fabre has changed the perspectives of many international art lovers with his take on contemporary art for 35 years now. The picturesque layout of his outdoor exhibition automatically delivers a refreshing look on modern art, adding a deeper element of understanding to what his message is.

Fabre focused on metamorphosis and ‘faith in the body’ with his creations, as well as an understanding of self, and where man will be in the years to come. The self-proclaimed “knight of despair” and “warrior of beauty” embodies the importance of understanding our connection to ourselves, and our future direction.

The historic battlegrounds which have protected the Medici family and Florentines from outside attackers are now dotted with wondrously shiny gold statues and sculptures. Each have been strategically placed throughout the artistic maze of the outdoor portion of the Forte di Belvedere. Every open space houses one or two creations, allowing the visitor to absorb all that the artwork has to offer.

The fact that the exhibition was outdoors to begin with significantly enhances Fabre’s intention of self-understanding. Each of the creations vary significantly in size and how much land they take up. They are all examples of realism in their finest, relying on the elements of earth, wind, fire and water to convey their message. None of the creations have a description, either. The visitor is allowed to place their own story on what they see in front of them, a technique that adds a beautiful air of mystery to Fabre’s exhibition.

Around the corner from a male statue in a bathtub filled with water lie pieces of a fallen soldier scattered across a wood chip landscape, emulating the impact of brutality and harsh circumstance in battle. With an up close look, one can even see how each creation is ornately crafted to resemble very particular sentiments, and each character is given a unique personality. Some are even turned into half-human half-animal. The imagination process soars at this realization.

Overall, the exhibition is exquisitely constructed in order to leave the visitor in awe. The winding roads that guide you without you having to look out for them, and the absolute serenity created by this type of art with such peaceful complexity, make a stroll through Fabre’s own spiritual creations a rejuvenating experience of one’s own.



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