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New School Competition Against Drugs and Alcohol Reporting in English

Florence – This year, Florence’s schools are trying something new in an effort to keep kids away from drugs and alcohol.

Students will have an opportunity to participate in a competition to create a slogan against the use of drugs and alcohol. Students may come up with their slogan individually or with a group, and at the end of the year the winning slogan will be put on posters in schools all over Florence.

The program, titled “Competition Against Drugs and Alcohol: You are the Protagonist” will also bring famous speakers to the schools throughout the year to give personal testimonies. Additionally, police will be increasing security at schools with the use of drug-sniffing dogs.
The competition is a joint project between the government and police to try to stem the ever-increasing use of drugs and alcohol in children. This year is a trial-run for the program, but if things go well in Florence, you may see similar competitions in other cities in Italy.

The program kicked-off in September and the competition winners will be announced at the end of the school year. For more information visit www.toscana.istruzione.it

Foto: www.mammedomani.it

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