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Parte domani a Pistoia la XII Conferenza Sifa Cultura

Pistoia – Parte domani, la tre giorni della XII Conferenza Sifa (Società Italiana filosofia Analitica) che si terrà dal 5 al 7 settembre al Polo Universitario di Pistoia Ippolito Desideri (UNISER), Via Pertini 358, Pistoia. (Informazioni: http://www.uniserpistoia.com/uniser11/?page_id=39. Segreteria Uniser tel. 0573 368291).

I lavori saranno divisi in 10 sessioni, che spaziano da Metaphysics e Action Theory, a Philosophy of Mind e Aesthetics.  Inoltre, sono stati organizzati 4 simposi: Time, Music and Auditory Experience, Property and Equality in Left-libertarianism,  Medicine and Mind. L’elenco dei relatori:

Alva Noë (University of California- Berkeley), Sarah Buss (University of Michigan- Ann Arbor)

Philosophy of Language: Maria Baghramian (University College Dublin) Epistemology: Annalisa Coliva (Modena/UC-Irvine) Aesthetics: Stacie Friend (Birkbeck London) Philosophy of Action: Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck London) Logic & Philosophy of Science: Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh) Philosophy of Law: Massimo Renzo (Kings College London) Ethics: Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge University) Political Philosophy: Peter Vallentyne (University of Missouri) Philosophy of Mind: Hong Yu Wong (University of Tübingen)

SYMPOSIA Symposium on Time: Sven Rosenkranz (ICREA, Logos, Barcellona), Stephen Torre (Aberdeen) Symposium on Music and Auditory Experience: Jerrold Levinson (University of Maryland – College Park), Christopher Peacocke (Columbia University) Symposium on Property and Equality in Left-libertarianism: Hillel Steiner (University of Manchester), Peter Vallentyne (University of Missouri) Symposium on Medicine and Mind: Elselijn M. Kingma (University of Southampton), Cristina Amoretti (University of Genoa), Patrizia Pedrini (University of Florence).

Ecco il programma di domani, 5 settembre 2016:

10:00-11:00 Registration

11:00-12:30 Sarah Buss — Personal Ideals, Moral Requirements, and the Ideal of Rational Agency (Aula Magna)

12:30-14.00 Lunch

TIME Aula II-5 / 14.00-15:30 S. Torre Present Experience and the Block Universe

LIBERT. Aula Magna /14.00-14:50 P. Vallentyne Full SelfOwnership: Comprehensive vs. Interpersonal; 14:55:-16:45 H. Steiner Free Markets and Exploitation

M.Ethics Aula II-3 / 14.00-14.40 C.Strandberg. Hybrid Expressivism and the FregeGeach Problem; 14:45-15:25 C.Arruda. Normative Reasons, Deliberation and the WideScope of Rationality

Lang. Aula II-4 / 14.00-14.40 D. Mingardo. Metaphors and Phenomenological Ineffability

Mind Aula II-6 / 14.00-14.40 M. Fenici. How Children Approach the False Belief Test: Social Development, Pragmatics, and the Assembly of Theory of Mind; 14:55:-16:45 D. C. Mollo. Deflating Representational Content

Aesth. Aula I-1 / L. Giombini. Musical MetaOntology: What Are We Doing Here? ; E. Caldarola. Methodology in The Ontology of Music: An Alternative to Metaontologic al Realism and Descriptivism

Epist. Aula I-2 / A. Boncompagni. Hinge Epistemology and Pragmatism; M. Viola. Why (and How) Evaluation May Compromise Epistemic Pluralism – and Why (and How) We Should Care about It

Epist. Aula I-3 / M. Janvid. Independence, Priority and Totality: Harbingers of Skepticism?

Log&Sci. Aula II-2 / A. Sereni. The Philosophical Significance of Frege’s Constraint ; M. Pascucci. The Contingency of Obligations.

15:30-15:50 Coffee Break. 

Sempre lunedì 5 settembre, second block:

TIME Aula II-5 / 15:50-17:20 S.Rosenkranz Unfreezing the Spotlight: Tense Realism and Temporal Passage; 17.20-18:00 C. De Florio, A. Frigerio, and A. Giordani. Omniscience in Light of the Metaphysics of Time.

LIBERT. Aula Magna / 15.50-16.30 B. Ferguson. Territorial Rights and Colonial Wrongs ; 16.35-17.15 R. Shnayderman. Achieving Equality through Viewing Germ-Line Genetic Information as a Natural Resource: Some Doubts about Hillel Steiner’s LeftLibertarianism ; 17.20-18:00 General Discussion.

Ph.Act. Aula II-3 / 15.50-16.30 M.Bianchin. Joint Action, Normativity, and Agent-neutral Reasons ; 16.35-17.15 G. Ferretti. Action and Pictures ; 17.20-18:00 M. Ginocchietti. Outline of a Nonreductive Notion of Action.

Ethics Aula II-2 / 15.50-16.30 N. Novelli. Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Desire, Real Moral Standing ;  16.35-17.15 E. Severini. Varieties of Evolutionary Debunking Arguments in Metaethics.

Mind Aula II-6 /  15.50-16.30  C. Serrahima. My Own Experiences of my Own Body: Exploring a Connection ;  16.35-17.15 K. Jęczmińska. Complementarity between the Global Workspace Theory, the Sensorimotor Theory and Predictive Processing ; 17.20-18:00 S. Zipoli Caiani. When the Affordances Disappear. Comparing Explanations of Optic Ataxia.

Mind Aula II-4 /  15.50-16.30 K. Pucko. On Impossible Colors ;  16.35-17.15 W. Huemer. Does Contentless Perception Presuppose Concepts? ; 17.20-18:00 M. Arcangeli. The Two Faces of Mental Imagery.

Epist. Aula I-1 / 15.50-16.30 D. Dohrn. What — if Anything — Is ‘The’ Gettier Intuition? ;  16.35-17.15 J. Gao. Credal Pragmatism ; 17.20-18:00 M. Di Bello. Can Probability Explain the Successes and Failures of Epistemic Closure?

Epist. Aula I-2 /  15.50-16.30  D. Chiffi. Knowledge and Belief in Placebo Effect ;  16.35-17.15 D. Fassio. Epistemic Reasons and the Unity Thesis ; 17.20-18:00 M. Palmira. Inquiring, Suspending and Hypothesising.

Lang. Aula I-3 / 15.50-16.30 H. Geirsson. Empty Names: A Millian Errortheoretic Account ;  16.35-17.15  J. Miller. The Ontology of Meaning ;  17.20-18:00 G. Bochner. Indexical Judgements without Direct Reference through Singular Contents.

Log&Sci Aula I-4 /  15.50-16.30 R. Fumagalli. Who is Afraid of Scientific Imperialism? ; 16.35-17.15  F. Malfatti. Scientific Realism as the Most Reasonable Choice? ; 17.20-18:00 E. Tassoni. Logical Pluralism and the Objection of Mixed Inferences.

18:00-18:15 Break

TIME Aula II-5 / 18:15-18:55 R. Ciuni. Plausibility Trees and Future Contingents

Pol.Phil Aula II-3 /  18:15-18:55 I. Salvatore. What Is Pluralism: Institutions, Obligations, Individuals

Aesth. Aula II-2 /  18:15-18:55 C. Bonard. From Musical ‘Uh?’ to ‘Wow!’: Accounting for Musical Evaluations with Appraisal Theory

Meth. Aula II-6 / 18:15-18:55 R. Davies. Quinean Commitments

Epist. Aula I-1 / 18:15-18:55 M. Croce. What Is an expert? On Coady’s Dispute with Goldman

Lang. Aula I-3 / 18:15-18:55  F. Haraldsen. How To Talk About Tigers

Log&Sci Aula I-4 /  18:15-18:55  S. Moruzzi and F. Ferrari. Deflationary Pluralism.

Infine, l’elenco delle aule:

Aula I-1 “Luciano Stanghellini” Aula I-2 “Agati-Tronci” Aula I-3 “Faustino Vannucci” Aula I-4 “Policarpo Petrocchi” or “Augusto Del Noce”.

Aula Magna (II-1) “Cino da Pistoia” Aula II-2 “Niccolò Puccini” Aula II-3 “Mauro Bolognini” Aula II-4 “Giovanni Michelucci” Aula II-5 “Marino Marini” Aula II-6 “Gianna Manzini”.







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