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Pavement Change Funding for Lungarno Acciaiuoli Announced Reporting in English

Mayor Dario Nardella and city representatives announced the funding plan for pavement changes to Lungarno Acciaiuoli today.

The conference today Concluded an agreement between the City of Florence, Water Authorities of Tuscany, and Publiacqua, Which Will Ensure Their working together Throughout the renovation and changes of pavement. Five public and private organizations will join together in order to bring a € 1.1-million pavement change to the riverbank road. € 750,000 will be allocated by public companies Within the community, and € 350 000 from private organizations, including funding from Ferruccio Ferragamo.

The existing concrete will be moved from a nearby square, but the change has upset many citizens. However, all the work will be done under one construction site to reduce any inconvenience, and is intended to leave the road for them to more pristine condition than its current, Which will need to be in positivity for all in the long run.

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