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Pitti Uomo No. 91 Tests the Limits of Men’s Fashion Reporting in English

With the 91st edition of Pitti Uomo underway this week, the most notable fashion tips to take away from this year’s event is simple: bigger and brighter is better. This year’s edition is all about making a statement in men’s fashion with bright and bold patterns, colours, textures and designs.

As part of the 4-day exhibition at the Fortezza da Basso, over 1,200 brands and collections were presented, 44% of which were international collections. This year, 214 new brands were on display, exemplifying the limitless potential and constantly changing interests that embody men’s fashion. Each booth is completely unique, with certain emphasized pieces being the main attraction to each. Whether the focus is on shoes, blazers, sweaters, belts or even socks, each of the retailers had something unique to warm up the otherwise chilly vibes this season.

With over 60,000 square meters of exhibition space, and 16 individual sections spread out throughout the Fortress exploring the realms of men’s fashion, this year’s fashion fair is welcoming a total of 36,000 visitors and buyers. While the markets represented an innate amount of European countries like Germany, Spain and the UK, there were several outlets for Canadian, American, Asian and Australian brands. The fair is attracting an impressive 8,8o0 individuals from abroad this year, making that 35.5% of all clientele. As a fashion fair that is driven by an eccentric group of fashion’s finest, Pitti Uomo demonstrated excellence in turning fashion into artistic originality, with evident strides towards diversifying the traditional sense of men’s fashion in each of the uniquely themed booths and brands on display.


The key to this season’s looks is layering up the look with a mix of minimalistic pieces and eccentric accentuations. The predominant textures and fixations were definitely nude and dark toned jackets and coats, as well as warm materials like furs, parka jackets and peacoats. Shoes and belts were predominantly leather based, adorned with minimal fur trim or design. Each of the brands expressed obvious inclination toward the ability to successfully pair mix-and-match prints and textures while maintaining a high fashion appeal.

Photographers and models took to the scenic landscapes outdoors for impromptu photoshoots documenting Italian and beyond street style, majority of which were adorned in form-fitting suits, oversized Fedora hats and even mismatched suede shoes. Those being photographed encapsulated much of what was present inside the exhibition: an extreme use of vibrant primary colours like reds, blues and yellows, as well as a lot of different materials like plaid and wool to shelter from the inevitable chill of January weather in Europe. The key to pulling off these trends was the ability to look comfortably dressed against the chillier weather, while simultaneously topping off the comfortable look with an air of sophistication through the use of oversized sunglasses, thick scarves and large bags.

A refreshing mix of creative ideas was seen throughout the selection in the exhibition, with each booth providing extreme contrasts in one another to constantly grab customers’ attention while rounding every corner. One brand, Lodental, featured primarily dark winter pieces, with most of the designs being entirely black or extremely dark hues. While the dark effect may be an expected appeal during the gloomier winter season, other brands like Stefano Corsini played with eccentric patterns and colours to create a summery atmosphere, not often seen in the winter season. On the opposite of the colour spectrum, there were brands like Tardia, which focused on washed-out, all-white ensembles to resemble a Nordic, icy winter feel.

The exhibition’s creative flare reflected much more than what can be seen in the winter season. Some retailers exemplified their creative abilities through manufacturing high end socks for men, like Marcoliani. There were also retailers like Gerry St. Tropez, displaying a beach theme and catering to those looking for a mental escape to paradise just by stepping into the booth. Retailers like Stefano Conti also fixated primarily on men’s blazers, especially attuned to denim interests.

Throughout the exhibition days, a number of special events focusing on worldwide collections will continue to draw in the international clientele, and celebrate the constantly changing dynamic of men’s fashion in Europe and beyond. Pitti Uomo is celebrating men’s fashion for its limitless creativity and sophistication, as well as the positive reflection the advances have had on the economy. As men’s fashion becomes more intriguing and refined, the growing popularity is reflected throughout the world. This year’s Pitti Uomo exhibition defines Italy as a hub for potential in fashion around the world– bigger and brighter than ever. 


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