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Regione Toscana and General Electric Joining Forces Reporting in English

Regione Toscana and General Electric Oil & Gas signed a protocol today ensuring technological advancements and partnership between the organizations. The unifying partners were Enrico Rossi, President of the Region of Tuscany, and the President of General Electric Oil & Gas for Nuovo Pignone, Massimo Messeri. The Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, also signed upon examination.

The initiative, “Industry 4.0: research and digital innovation at the service of the territory” , has been promoted by the Regione Toscana and GE Oil & Gas since November. The protocol signed at the Florence Learning Center today acts as an announcement of understanding the methods of employment and authentication of the territorial effects of the Galileo Program that went into effect on November 10, 2016.

Industry 4.0 capitalizes on technological breakthroughs that will be increasingly convenient and beneficial for consumers. Massimo Messeri, President of General Electric Oil & Gas for Nuovo Pignone, believes that the evolution at which General Electric has been transforming at not only produces a new vision for engineers, but also for increasing the expectations of clients regarding GE services. The merging of the Regione Toscana and General Electric will allow for the Italian technology industry to soar, and put the country on the map for its digital and technological capabilities.

While recent enhancements speak volumes for companies’ digitalization, the process has not come without its share of challenges. According to Carlo Calenda, Minister of Economic Development, the overall quick and positive acceleration in companies’ technological proficiency has exhibited some grave difficulties, especially when it came down to investments. Nonetheless, economic risks have not discouraged companies from continuing down the road of advancing modern technology. Endless research in terms of innovative techniques continues to allow companies to follow their pursuits of digitalization.

The Regional Industrial Platform 4.0 is putting its greatest efforts into making smaller-league enterprises bigger and better. Enrico Rossi, President of the Regione Toscana, intends for the protocol to reach out first and foremost to smaller digital companies, and allow them to flourish. What he is particularly interested in is finding a digital “middle ground”, and be able to bring an equilibrium amongst both larger and smaller scale technology organizations, in order to make a great impact on the global market.

Last year, General Electric Oil & Gas raked in a staggering $123.7-billion within a year of operating as a “digitalized” business. Angelica Tritzo, CIO of Turbomachinery Solutions at GE, elaborated on the digital advancements brought to GE within the past two years that allowed its revenue to skyrocket. Among the digital initiatives were the introduction of Predix, the first Digital Industry platform of its kind that allowed GE to build upon on pre-existing approaches to industrial machines, as well as create interconnectivity between devices and consumers with internal agendas. The iCenter of GE Oil & Gas is also dedicated to technological enhancements that will further meet consumers’ needs.

Digitalization is what allows new opportunities to flourish, which is what today’s signing between General Electric and Regione Toscana will allow companies to do. 

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