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Retreat From Reality: an Interdisciplinary Project Reporting in English

Students from both the architecture and the photographic art programs produce work that is informed by each other’s efforts, each attempting to interpret the exhibition theme. The photographers explore the topic in a personal way, only indirectly influenced by the idea that being in a foreign country, and in particular the city of Florence, is an escape from something more familiar yet often only understood in a vague, even mysterious, way. For the architecture students some aspect of the work of a fellow student photographer and the idea of making art outside one’s home country are the starting points for the design of a museum that contains only art about Florence made by those who are only temporarily living in Florence.  Combined with the project’s placement in the less-touristic neighborhood of Piazza Tasso, students are asked to create a built experience that doubles back on itself in cultural purpose, form and space.


Retreat From Reality: an Interdisciplinary Project.


Professor of Photography
Syracuse University Florence
Florence, Italy
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