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Rosy Bindi on Tuscany Mafia Infiltration Reporting in English

President Rosy Bindi of the Antimafia Commission is concerned by the growing risks of mafia infiltration in Tuscany. The Commission representatives spoke at the Palazzo Medici Riccardi yesterday evening, assessing the present situation of their ability to work around the higher-power obstacles in order to fight back on freemasons, and those who may be direct links in the Tuscany mafia infiltration.

Bindi acknowledges that Tuscany is not a region that would handle Mafia organization lightly. The economy, dignity of life, and lack of economic crises in the region were raised as potential for what’s at stake in the event of the infiltration becoming an overwhelming problem. In light of recent terrorism attacks and organized crime calamities, the power that the Mafia would have over the region would be almost too powerful, and requires careful planning in order to combat. It is apparent that these organizations are able to thrive with the help of professionally associated links, which the Commission will also seek to prevent.

While the representatives did suggest that a calendar of combat has been vaguely outlined, some things are unavoidable. Primary focuses would be to keep an eye on preventing money laundering, waste disposal services and drug dealing. Mafia organizations have taken to doing some business in Tuscany, with the potential of some of this money mixing with the local economy, and would have to be kept on top of by authorities. Keeping one of Tuscany’s most profitable industries, tourism, would also be a main fixation in trying to prevent the infiltration.

The Mafia reaching Florence may not be the first news of its kind here in Florence, but Bindi believes it serves as a positive reminder for safety precaution. While this is a situation Tuscany has not had to deal with too frequently in the past, bringing awareness to the reality will allow for better preparation and collaboration between the Commission and higher power authority like the Grand Orient of Italy. The Commission already has access to registered documents, and collaboration with higher powers will be extremely crucial in preventing the mafia from overpowering local authority systems.

While the present situation is under control, Bindi warns that the future is not necessarily problem free. The importance of remaining concerned for what the potential infiltration can do must continue to be a forefront concern for the Commission and other legal authority in order to soften the blow of the situation as much as possible.


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