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Secret Florence: Art Discovery This Weekend Reporting in English

Florentines can now go on an artistic– and secret– scavenger hunt through their own city with the help of “Secret Florence”, the exhibition.

Running from June 11-13, “Secret Florence” is a chance to rediscover art in a way that Florentines have never seen before. During the opening week of Pitti Immagine Uomo here in Florence, the exhibition highlights some of the wonders contemporary artists are bringing to this already eccentric city, in places that are further beyond the common tourist points of interest.

The idea came about from the realization that enhancing the city’s attractiveness and opening up the perspectives of art’s potential within the traditional constructs already laid out by the city must finally be challenged. This exhibition is especially reaching out to an international and younger audience, particularly those interested in exploring all that contemporary art has to offer. And what better way to intrigue this target audience than to set-up secret art installations at various points outside of the city center?

To add to the intrigue of “Secret” Florence, choosing places that are more obscure was part of the planning process. While it may be seen as “unusual”, the mystery is what the speakers at today’s conference believe will bring out a higher number of visitors overall.

The project encompasses various forms of contemporary art currently present in Florence, with the hope of becoming more active in the city’s art scene. Every style from dance to music to movies and even sound art will be on display at each of the participating locations scattered beyond the city centre. The project is intended to bring together artists and locals, and put contemporary art on a higher pedestal than it has been culturally.

Many creators and artists need and deserve more attention towards the artwork they created, even though their forms may not be as typically considered in a city like Florence. With that in mind, the three days of this exhibition will alternate actions, performances, installations and projections Specifically created for this exhibition, 15 different gardens, museums, libraries and more will be housing each of these smaller, individual projects. All of these destinations are carefully mapped out by the curators and are still easy to access, even for curious tourists.

While the exhibition is entirely free, some locations may have limited seating. Visitors are encouraged to check out timetables in order to ensure a place at their desired destination.

This weekend, follow the creators and curators on a step in an abstract direction, and lose yourself in art forms that are breaking free from the traditional styles of this historic city. Together, the possibilities of contemporary art can be further explored and appreciated.

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