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A call for Students from the Rector of the University of Florence Reporting in English

Florence – This is the announcement for Students from the Rector of the University of Florence Luigi Dei to enhance virtuous behaviours to face the Convid-19 illness.  Dear students, dear young people of every part of the world, I am the Rector or President of the University of Florence, my name is Luigi Dei and

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Train of Memory: A Journey Back into the Holocaust Reporting in English

Teaching youth the importance of a historic event that both shaped and shattered a nation, Train of Memory takes students on a gripping ride through the realities of the Holocaust. It’s impossible to understand the extent of suffering that took over countless lives. In an effort to help today’s youth have a better understanding of

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La Pietra Dialogues hosts student-organized event: Papal Elections 101 Reporting in English

On Tuesday, March 12th, La Pietra Dialogues will host an entirely student-organized event at Villa Sassetti. This event will cover the basics of the papal elections from a political point of view as well as give attendees a historical background of the papacy and the last papal resignation. Come and see why Pope Benedict’s resignation

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Amerigo & America program – Open Day Reporting in English

Both staff and students helped to create an inviting atmosphere as well as made you want to attend that college. Like Vespucci, you could explore and discover new things about the universities and about Florence.  All the American universities in Florence are posted in buildings that already exist, and that have already existing histories. Each university

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In Search of Lost Florence Reporting in English

Eight years later, I arrived in Florence, my only knowledge of the Italian language being “Sere Nere” and the parolacce  I learned after years of watching Serie A football.  Everyone has their reasons for deciding to study abroad in Florence—the history, the food, the art, the language. I came because the opportunity for a new

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