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UMANO: International Shipyards on Body Language and Dance Reporting in English

Florence –  This month Florence will host the first edition of UMANO: International Shipyards on Body Language and Dance, a series of dance-related events that will run from October 14-31.

UMANO is a result of an unprecedented collaboration, 3 years in the making, between Tuscany Theater Foundation, run by Marco Giorgetti, and The Production Center for Dance, run by Virgilio Sieni. The events and performances will be held in the Pergola Theater and Cango, both headquarters of different drama and dance companies.   The project takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining multiple other art forms with dance. All of the events center around a dialogue between the arts, scene and reality.

UMANO opens the international dance season on October 14 with a performance headed by Radhouane El Meddeb. His show, titled “Je Danse Et Vous en Donne á Bouffer,” is a meeting of two arts: cooking and dance. The Franco-Tunisian choreographer says he often dances at his restaurant while he cooks “with all the grandeur, generosity and poetry of these two arts.” His show will be a feast for all the senses that will end with a banquet for the viewers.

On October 25 Emanuel Gat, one of the forerunners in the European dance scene, will present Plage Romantique, performed by nine dancers from his company along with Italian dancers selected and trained for this occasion. The performance will explore questions like can sound used as a vehicle of thought or is it possible to choreograph space.

Over two weeks of UMANO, choreographers, established and emerging, from around the world will showcase their work throughout Florence. Choreographers, dancers and viewers all have in common a vocabulary of gestures that transcends verbal communication, and explores what it means to be UMANO (human), as it relates to body language and dance. This concept creates the foundation for all of the events and performances.

Until October 31, Florence will be covered in a network of practices, visions, performances, meetings, workshops and seminars. The events will wind through Cango and the Pergola Theater as well as other spaces like Oltrarno Fiorino of Pitti Palace, the Hall of Skeletons Museum, the Observatory, the Sacristy of the Church of the Holy Spirit and some craft workshops.

UMANO is a unique oppertunity for Florence to welcome many different types of dance. For a full list of events and ticket prices go to www.virgiliosieni.it and www.teatrodellatoscana.it.


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